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Understanding Your Rights:

A medical chaperone is an impartial observer during a medical examination and/or consultation between a healthcare provider and a patient.The Health Professions Council of South Africa's (HPCSA) “General Ethical Guidelines for Reproductive Health” provides for the use of a chaperone during Intimate Examinations.


The Medical Protection Society (MPS) advises that "the presence of a chaperone can be of reassurance to both patients and doctors, especially when there is a need for an intimate examination to be performed, regardless of the gender of either the doctor or the patient". In addition, MPS defines Intimate Examinations as "including, but not limited to, examination of the breasts, genitalia and rectum, and any time where it is necessary to touch the patient in close proximity"

Dr Purdy employs a Clinical Assistant who is available to ALL patients who would like a chaperone present during their examination. It is important to note that the role of chaperone is fulfilled by a member of Dr Purdy's staff who understands what a normal urologic examination entails and they are there to provide reassurance to the patient. 


  • All patients under 18 must be chaperoned by a parent/legal guardian.

  • All patients - regardless of their gender - may request a chaperone. Please advise Dr Purdy at the time of consultation that you wish to have a chaperone present during your examination.

  • If Dr Purdy requests a chaperone and you do not consent, the examination will not be completed.

  • Family members are not appropriate chaperones for patients over 18 - while family members are more than welcome to be present during the examination, Dr Purdy may still request the use of a chaperone.

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